Introducing Debian10.2/MIPS64EL (64bit)

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Introducing Debian10.2/MIPS64EL (64bit)

Postby jsun » Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:41 pm

Hi, all,

We are happy to announce an update to the previous generation of QEMU-powered debian/MIPS image. See

There are a few key upgrades:
  • Debian distribution is brought up to 10.2
  • It is not 64bit MIPS environment instead of 32bit
  • The Debian/MIPS memory can go beyond 256MB and is scaled based on AWS EC2 instance memory

Debian/MIPS memory is determined based on the following formula
Debian/MIPS memory = (EC2 host memory - 450MB) * 0.9

For example, if the host has 1GB, then Debian/MIPS machine will have 495MB memory.

Many other features are preserved in this update:
  • The Debian/MIPS VM automatically starts when EC2 instances starts.
  • When one powers down the Debian/MIPS VM, the underlying host machine is stopped as well.
  • Supports SSH connection at port 2222 and http/https connections at 8080/8443.

This AMI is perfect for quick and instant access to a full featured Debian/MIPS environment. It is good for some light development, learning and education purpose. Both 32bit and 64bit toolchains are installed so one can develop for both architectures.

Currently there is still no SMP support. We will try to remove this limitation in next update. Enjoy.

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