New version release, 14.04LTS-1503525-160118

Announcements for Ubuntu Desktop AMI product
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New version release, 14.04LTS-1503525-160118

Postby jsun » Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:39 am

We are happy to announce an update release which upgrade Ubuntu version to 14.04.03LTS. Enjoy.

Here is the copy from the release note file:

Code: Select all

Netspectrum Ubuntu Desktop AMI Relasete Note


- Upgrade Ubuntu to 14.04.03
- Various bug fixes
- Various user experience improvement


Netspectrum Ubuntu Desktop AMI gives an easy and instance access to a Ubuntu desktop in the cloud.  It gives typical desktop experience including graphic windwing, keyboard and mouse, while allowing you to enjoy the same cloud benefits(cheap initial investment, low maintance, etc).

Key features:

- three viewing modes
        - via browswer (via noVNC) (for convenience)
        - via vnc viewer clients (tightVNC, others?) (for performance)
        - via vnc viewer clients over SSH tunnelling (tightVNC) (for security)
- Support multiple desktop manager
        - Unity (GNOME based)
        - kubuntu-desktop (KDE)
        - xubuntu (XFCE based)
        - Lubuntu (light and suitable for server) (default)
        - OpenBox
- include popular apps
        - FireFox Web browser
        - LibraOffice
        - Games (Mahjongg, Sudoku, Mines, Solitaire)
        - GIMP image editor
        - XChat
        - Thunderbird email
- secure access
        - user can set VNC password before the launch
        - user can tunnel through SSH for even stronger security
- single user mode for total control

Possible use cases:
        - for first-time users to try out ubuntu
        - for seasoned users to have an ubuntu desktop in cloud
                - for UI related work
                - for sharing and cloning
                - lower initial cap investment
                - try different desktops
        - for instructors/students to learn

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