Introduce the first MIPS machine in the cloud - sort of!

Announcements for Debian/MIPS AMI product
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Introduce the first MIPS machine in the cloud - sort of!

Postby jsun » Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:57 am

We are proud to announce the availability of Debian 9.5 MIPS AMI product in AWS cloud,

Well, we know that is not completely true. There aren't any MIPS servers in AWS. What is really offered is a Ubuntu hosted X86_64 machine running QEMU, emulating MIPS Malta machine, which in turn runs Debian 9.5 MIPS (little endian, 32bit). The emulated MIPS machine automatically starts when EC2 instances starts. By default it supports SSH connection at port 2222 and http/https connections at 8080/8443. When one powers down the emulated MIPS machine, the underlying host machine is stopped as well.

This AMI is perfect for quick and instant access to a full featured Debian MIPS environment. It is good for some light development, learning and education purpose.

As our first MIPS offering, it comes with some limitations. Currently no SMP support. And memory is capped at 256MB. Please let us know what you think and we will try to improve it further.

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