Introducing 64bit ARM Ubuntu Desktop

Announcements for Ubuntu Desktop AMI product
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Introducing 64bit ARM Ubuntu Desktop

Postby jsun » Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:13 pm

We are excited to introduce, not one, but two ARM-based Ubuntu Desktop AMI products:

Unlike Intel x86, ARM PC's and machines are hard to come by. With these desktop AMI products, you don't need to worry about buying or building them anymore. With a few simple clicks, you will have a complete, full-featured Ubuntu desktop machine on ARM! They have achieved almost perfect parity with their x86_64 cousins, with one small exception: the supported desktops are limited to Xubuntu and Gnome/Unity desktops. Everything else is the same, including protocol support, browser support, copy'n'paste, and in the case of Ubuntu 18.04, including multiple user, multiple sessions, auto-resizing, and sound.


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